About Coventry Siberians:

Coventry Siberians is a small kennel with a limited breeding program located on 40 acres in Bridgeton, NJ less than 1 hour east of Philadelphia. Litters are produced rarely, only when I need a new generation.

My show dogs are all members of my family. They are the joy of my life. All of them are equally loved whether championship titles are achieved or not. Siberians are free spirits and I encourage their personalities. Siberian Huskies are highly intelligent dogs with an independent nature. They have a great sense of humor, like to have fun and enjoy life.

I have shown all of my champions to their titles since I first started showing dogs in 1983. On weekends when I photograph dog shows, I am especially happy to see the Siberians.

Growing up on the farm in southern New Jersey a number of mixed breed dogs kept me company. As an adult, my first pure bred dog was a Collie.

Twenty years ago, I saw a photo of a Siberian Husky with his owner Trish Kanzler in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was such a beautiful dog that I contacted the Kanzler family in Accokeek, Maryland. By pure luck I had contacted Innisfree, the only Siberian Husky kennel to have a Best in show winner at Westminster.

My first champion was an Innisfree dog- Champion Innisfree’s Caran Ceilidh, a light red male with an especially sweet temperament. He is the great grandfather of Leah- BIS Ch. Coventry’s Lioness’ Pride. I purchased him when he was eight weeks old and I was very proud that I had handled him to his championship. Ann Sullivan was a great help to me in learning how to handle show dogs. Ceilidh was a real showman. Other dogs were purchased from Innisfree including another light red male- Ch. Innisfree’s Chiaro of Coventry, an exceptional moving dog and very gentle. He is the grandfather of Leah, my best in show girl.

Two of Chiaro’s daughters are my beloved Katie and Nessa-both champions. Ch. Coventry’s Lioness in Winter “Nessa” was always athletic. She finished her championship with four majors. Leah is her daughter.

Due to time constraints in 2002, Leah was shown by a handler after she finished her championship.

My club memberships include the Siberian Husky Club of America, the Siberian Husky Club of Delaware Valley and South Jersey Kennel Club where I am an officer.

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